Archives for Month: March 2013

A year ago today I woke up early and went to a psychiatric clinic to have some blood work, because apparently blood work can even help in the treatment of mental health. Then, I went with Mimi and Tommy to some restaurant in Canton that I can never remember the name of that makes their […]

Eyes closed, thoughts swim in a school of a baker’s dozen and are typically of potential blog posts. Thus, I pick up my phone from the nightstand in hopes of fighting the drowse long enough to successfully email the idea to myself. Sent. Sleep occurs. I’m drifting away on something like a magic carpet, but […]

People seem to like this meme, and it’s nice because I enjoy making lists. 🙂 Robin did a 6 Sticks post last week, and Tori did one today. This one’s topic is reasons. You can learn more about this and find link back methods on the introductory post. This may or may not come off as […]

1. I miss my cat. I really miss Todd. He’s happy, and he lives with Mimi, but it’s still not the same as being able to wake up, walk outside and feel his fur caressing my bare leg as I stand on the wooden porch in the backyard. Nothing is the same. I miss him. […]

I’m a picky blog reader, and I think I’m an even pickier comment-returner. Anyway, here’s the list of reasons I didn’t comment you back within my imaginary two-month procrastination comment-returning time span I have for myself. I got busy. Maybe your site was open, and I got sidetracked doing something else. Maybe I hit the […]

I used to be someone who spoke more than a mere few words. I used to be able to tolerate being around people, and now I can’t seem to escape them quick enough. Lately, I’ve been spending the majority of my time alone, in my room. I feel disconnected from others. I’m so exhausted from […]

Thus far, 2013 has flown by. I think sleeping a lot has to do with that, plus the constant feeling of déjà vu every day due to my allergy shots schedule — four days a week, each week. I still have yet to get into therapy due to Cigna no longer allowing me on the […]