Archives for Month: March 2013

I recently joined a message board Christine told me about. It’s Twist MB1, and it’s TCG-based. I’ve considered opening a forum that’s TCG-based, but I’m not exactly up for that at the moment considering I have a total of three online trading card games: Spree, Capture and Zest. I posted a thread for 6birds in […]

There are some things that make a person what they are. Bloggers may be what they blog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their blog depicts their worth. This is my somewhat-miniature rant about what self worth is to me, what determines my self worth and how [my] self worth should be calculated. I think […]

Number of hospital visits this year thus far: 1 I didn’t include everything in my previous post. The pain began that day, and hasn’t left. I thought it was just cramps, even though it isn’t “time”, and even though they kept getting worse. I shrugged it off like it was nothing. Yesterday after church, Bri and […]