Archives for Month: May 2013

I’ve seen the Introverts Unite campaign floating around for a while. When it first was posted last year, I knew that I needed to do it. Actually doing this never got done, or we can just say that I forgot about it until this year, a few days before this day1. I highly doubt this […]

Did I mention they’ll be simple? Robin did a twist on this, and I decided to respond via a blog post because it’s what I do best. 1. Set up the living room so that you can walk around on the furniture (and blankets, books, etc.) as if the floor is lava. I played this […]

On Grey’s Anatomy 8.8, Christina must babysit a heart beating outside of a body that is in a box that is sitting on a cart. Whilst she is doing this, she’s also trying to make a bucket list of surgeries she wants. The objective? Look at the heart in the box and think about your idea. […]

I took some of a theater productions class in high school when I lived in Forney. I didn’t like the class. The teacher was quite a character who wanted us to copy quotes down in our composition notebooks as our “warm ups”. It was sophomore year. When I was removed from school, I continued the […]

It’s a new week. I feel both annoyed and happy at this, because even though I spent the majority of last week playing Sims 3 and sleeping due to my junk food intake, I’m much closer to June. I’m looking forward to June, because I’ll be able to stop going in for allergy shots four […]

I closed all of the windows on my laptop for about two days, for at least a few several hour time spans. This includes Thunderbird, the program I use for emails. I refused to let myself check my blog comments, Twitter mentions, Facebook notifications, etc. I was playing Sims 3. Just to throw it out […]

I decided to invest in the Pro version of Flickr, since 500px is a bit out of my price range and I’m rather fond of Flickr. I ran out of space on my account, so because I bought Pro for a year (next year I’ll worry about renewing it…), I put the new space I […]

Dear mom, Hi. I have been constructing this letter to you for over two years now. I don’t know what to say that could possibly make anything okay — no matter what I say, you’ll never understand how you have made me feel. A mother’s relationship with her daughter is supposed to be one of […]