Archives for Month: May 2013

A month ago, Manda posted one of her link love posts1 like usual, and in it was a link to a post about putting your money where your happy is. This post gave me a new look on some of the things I do. Unfortunately I have to continue to go four days a week […]

I’m so annoyed right now. I just want to scream, break something, anything — I want to do anything. I hate how, whenever I post something on Facebook, people start assuming shit. I really freaking hate it. That is when I find myself wishing I shared my blog with people offline. However, if I did […]

I’m so tired of people telling me I am getting better when I definitely do not feel any better. There is a difference in looking one way and feeling another. Just because I look as though I am better doesn’t necessarily mean I feel any better. Feelings take over the way a person perceives things, […]