Archives for Month: June 2013

(And I’m not talking about photo blogging.) Because I just feel like it, I’m also plugging fellow blogger’s posts in here (related posts, anyway). You shouldn’t be a blogger if… You get bored too easily. You don’t like waiting for things to happen. You think blogging is easy. You think you’ll receive x amount of comments […]

Do you find that self-care is both easy and hard at the same time? What’s your favorite, go-to way to take care of yourself? In some ways, self-care is easy for me. I tend to do well with drinking water everyday and having time to relax and enjoy myself. In other ways, self-care is really difficult. Having […]

I decided to take part in the BlogLovin’ tour for a new book, The Declaration of You! It’s something to challenge myself with, plus it seems really fun. I need to catch up, however, because I’m a bit late to the party. ^^; “Curb” can mean to restrain or keep in check. I never really put focus on the […]

A year ago, and even the years before that, my blog consisted of my many break downs. I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at not breaking down on my blog. I did many embarrassing things I can never undo, but that’s okay. I’ve been depressed for years; I was only diagnosed with MDD and PTSD […]

Today is Sunday, Father’s Day. I attended Grandmama’s church service, and the start of it made me want to cry. I literally teared up. There was a story about a dad pretending and laughing and playing with his daughter with a castle. It was about how fathers playing with their daughters are some magical thing, […]

(Yes, so many of these are from my about page. I’m trying to completely change them from being on it.) I like to listen to a lot of Christian rap and Christian rock. I’m not talking about that slow and soft Christian rock that shows up a lot in Pandora; I can SLEEP to that; […]

Time doesn’t stop for anything. It never does. It’s time. Yet people still try to rush through processes that depend on time to finish something more quickly. It never works when we rush. The weekend went by quickly. Bri and I together usually have bad luck, but thus far nothing bad has happened: we didn’t […]

I may have had the chance to do any of these once before, but I passed it up. I always say I don’t have regrets, and I don’t, but I oftentimes find myself wishing I hadn’t chickened out and decided against it. These are not goals; they’re just things I wouldn’t mind doing — they’re experiences I’d love to […]