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I hate that people think Texas is full of desert, rodeos, country/hick accents, boots, Wrangler jeans-wearing citizens, country music and no guns. Guns don’t kill people. People with guns who point guns at other people and intentionally pull the trigger kill people. I hate it when people use “howdy” to greet each other in Texas, or to […]

All I really did this week was eat, shower, sleep and go to the doctor’s office for the food allergy test. It can either last for one and a half days or three half days. We did the three half days. I found out I’m also allergic to soy, tomatoes, onions and pepper. I think […]

My cousin graduated. He’s more like a brother to me, though, ’cause we grew up so close.

I’m almost always thinking about the negative things about me, especially the things that I am bad at. I’m still sharing them, however, because perhaps there is good in them in some way or another. I first saw this on Manda’s site, but I always enjoy going to the original source of the meme.1 I’m really […]