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I’ve actually gotten this a few times. I just never got around to actually blogging about it, and/or when I did, the person’s site was different so the entry was nonexistent. This time, I was tagged by Lulu. I only remember being previously tagged by Robin. [spoiler /Instructions/ /Instructions/] Answer the questions that you’ve been […]

So Darnielle did this. And this is gonna be long (obviously), but I like to procrastinate, too. xD (Plus, I need to do some more memes, so technically this is productivity at its finest.) I tried to be original with these, so hopefully not too many are repeated facts about me. I love day-old popcorn, […]

Instead of writing multiple posts, here’s what’s currently going on: I ate a damn Nutter Bar. I used to love them, but eating one package of them (has 2 inside) wasn’t the same as it used to be. Maybe this is why I think peanut butter stinks now. Wowbutter smells like peanut butter, and it […]

I was tagged by Christine. :p A. Attached or single? Single. B. Best friend? I don’t really choose favorites. I don’t know what I would do without CK, though. C. Cake or pie? Cake, unless it’s pumpkin pie. Then it depends on my mood. D. Day of choice? Wednesday or Saturday. I don’t really have a […]

Because of alliteration, and because exponents are cawesome. (I wanted to say cool, but then I wanted to say awesome.) I wanted to do something different in December this year since it’s a rather slow time (or so it seems) for the blogosphere. I came up with something (’tis a secret xD), but in that process, […]

I don’t normally remember what I did in high school, but today I did. I guess I remembered it because I was doing what I used to do: Sundays were the days I spent to myself listening to music. I’d listen to music in my library and just be quiet and listen to it, skipping […]

In this case, traffic translates to comments. So, I’m part of this blogging community called Better Blogger Network, and I feel like every time I go to the forums some new blogger is asking how to gain traffic, readers, etc. If you want it to all just come to you, this post isn’t for you. It’s not […]

I haven’t received anything recently (i.e. letters, phone calls, etc.), but they just don’t understand. Of the many, many, MANY phone calls I have had with this one company who keeps calling me (but hasn’t within the past week and a half, thank God), the conversation usually goes something like this: LADY: Miss Lawson, we […]