Archives for Month: August 2013

I’ve been quiet on social media, watching shows and movies on Netflix and trying to make the best of the time I have left with it since I fell asleep when I intended to cancel it, waking up sometime around 1am the day after the deadline to cancel the subscription. So I still have it. […]

I’m one to say that you don’t need to apologize for taking time off from everything for you or for worrying about your health or your personal life, etc., but I want to. I want to say that I’m sorry for not replying back to your email, for failing to go through with a commitment I […]

I don’t give a care regarding WHAT they did. Here’s what you should never do and why. I know I’ll forget some things, but I can always just write something for this later. I also have others, but this is nearing 1000 words (sorry!), so a part two is definitely in the works. #6 Make them […]

I was going to attempt BEDA secretly, then go back and tag my posts with “BEDA”. But I realized I posted one post 49 minutes before the first of August. Although it’s awesome that I posted something at 11:11pm, I skipped a day of BEDA, and the point of me secretly trying to do this […]

I’ve tried to start this post many, many times. Each time, I just erase the beginning of it mentally. Because I’ve attempted to write it out mentally. Each time, I feel as though the first portion of this entry doesn’t justify the topic I want to talk about. And that annoys me. So here I […]

I get really annoyed really easily. I’m also a misanthrope, so. “Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.” No, I don’t? [closes tab] Your website is loading SO slow. Still slow. Are you freaking kidding me?! Even the browser gave up.1 Your image is missing. Why is your recipe lacking in line breaks? I find […]