Archives for Month: October 2013

I’m a blogger. Every public post on my blog and anywhere else online is me sharing a part of my life publicly. I didn’t realize how different that was from what people who don’t blog do until yesterday when Grandmama mentioned how people are so public with their lives these days; so here I am, […]

Since the beginning of the year I’ve went to and fro allergy appointments almost daily. I suppose I should be used to going to get allergy shots now twice a week, with therapy added onto the schedule one day a week. It’s just so annoying, though. For example, I didn’t sleep last night. My sleeping […]

I posted a note with this title on Facebook. I made a stand, and 2014 hasn’t even begun. I’m Liz. You probably don’t know me because you haven’t known me all my life or seen me in my worst. Compared to all I’ve been through, I present myself quite well. My mom neglected me and […]

On a good day, I feel alright. I don’t feel like hurting myself or crying or as if I’m literally horrible. I don’t feel like my life sucks. While I don’t feel happy, I also don’t feel sad. It’s the type of content that I’ve had my whole life. It’s emotionless to others, but it’s […]

Just random things that stuck with me. This one is from a guy who’s normally sweet, but I can’t be sad around him at ALL, or even hate my life. It’s exhausting. Person: Be happy. 🙁 Me: Ugh, it’s not easy. Me: It’s called depression. Person: Please don’t give me this speech again. Me: And […]

I was tagged by Angie to receive an award I’ve never heard of before. Her and the trail of people before her made their own awards for it and, after some research to find its original look, I decided to just make my own as well. Because I’ve never heard of it before, I searched […]

I’m seeing a lot of people doing “14 Before 2014”, but there isn’t really anything I’d like to accomplish before 2014 hits aside from continuing my self-harm sobriety and not going absolutely insane, so I figured having an “in” version would be best for me. Cook at least once a month. Whether it’s chicken enchiladas […]

Lard, Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now, as she falls to the ground? If you’re going to make a threat, you should do it right. If you have something to say, you should say it directly to me. You taught me many, many things, but […]