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October is not just Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is commonly known for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and all around many stores participate in spreading awareness. However, it’s also the month of many more causes and things to be aware of. People are more aware of breast cancer than they are of the other […]

Maybe it’s the roast for dinner earlier this week. Maybe it’s the sudden change in the weather. Maybe it’s because I cuddled and snuggled all up in my blankets since the weather change. Maybe it’s because some things feel nostalgic, like when I’m snuggled up in bed and propped against the pillows with my laptop […]

I’ve not done one of these in a really long time, and I’ve found some pretty cool links and have been too lazy to add them to this posting tag/series/stuff/etc. I’m finally on one page of drafts, which means that I’ve almost gotten rid of them all! This is one of them, but I haven’t […]

I’ve been so blah and rant-y lately, but every time I open my mouth and post a rant-filled anything, I feel like I attract a lot of unwanted attention. “You don’t like it? Then don’t ___.” You don’t like my opinion? Get over yourself and off your high horse. I think a lot of times […]

via Sunday Stealing. What was your first alcoholic drink? I was in middle school. My brother and I thought it was Sprite. ‘Twas a wine cooler. What was your first job? Aside from babysitting, Sonic. It was hell. What was your first car? A 1993 GMC Jimmy 2-door. It was red. And customized, so: guy […]

I sign myself up for too many projects at once. I have great ideas for them, but I want to finish them all at the same time and not have to wait on them to be finished. And I tell people about them, and that adds pressure. I grew up on impulse actions and having […]

This month I didn’t really keep track until right before the third week, but oh well. Spoilers included, but not too much. Daydream Nation — This movie reminds me of the Ezria relationship, only with just the sex. When Caroline ends it, Barry gets jealous and tries to sabotage her and Thurston’s relationship. Meanwhile, this small […]

As a blogger, I think that I write everyday, or at least on most days. If I don’t write, then I at least think about it. I either write posts and save them or schedule them, or I write posts and never do anything with them because I see it as pointless to post. I […]