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In case this becomes useful for linking to in the future, I’m posting this now. I’m posting this now so that, if anyone comments like this in the future, it won’t seem as if I’m calling anyone out on any of these things. This is my commenting policy, because I am conserving pages, and the […]

(via Sunday Stealing) Most daring Dare you have ever done? I’m curious as to why “dare” has been capitalized. As for the dare, I can’t remember it exactly. Oh. I remembered it: defying lard. When is the last time you did something you knew was wrong? It was about two weeks ago or so when […]

I didn’t eat Thursday. It seems too easy to just leave this post with the first sentence. Most likely, questions about the why and the how will arise, and I’ll receive what feels like a gazillion questions being asked about it. And there will probably be assumptions. I didn’t do it to punish myself or […]

Sometimes a memory pops into my head and I remember how much I long  to be back on the farm. I remember leaving the farm reluctantly; I lived in a place I felt free (alas) in. I loved living there, and I keep missing it. Why did I leave a place I wanted to stay […]

Tuesday I was asked if I felt like therapy was helping and if I or my therapist had an estimate on how long I would need to go. The job topic then came up again, and so did driving. “I don’t know” was my answer for a lot of it. Even if I spoke loud […]

Silent hearts Raging wars Lusting for revenge Piecing letters In a fringe, or a fray. Silence covers, Never shelters The bleeding hearts Crying out for others. Craving aid, Yet going unnoticed. Eyes among us Wonder and look away. Let’s run away; I don’t want to stay. Written days Many arranged Coping methods This is it […]

To whom it may concern: I’ve either not yet met you or I have and we just haven’t realized we’re each other’s matches yet. If it’s the latter and you’ve hurt me in the past, shame on you; you should have known better. If it’s the former, please take the following seriously and try not […]