Archives for Month: November 2013

I’m currently away. :3 I have the WordPress app for Android, however, so I’ll still watch comments ever so often. But yeah. I’m in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country area right now. Happy Thanksgiving! I won’t be a cliché and list all that I’m thankful for ’cause that’s cheesy. Heartwarming A bunny’s missing. Ruby’s mom is looking […]

I used to read Seventeen Magazine before I was even seventeen, wondering what life would be like at 17. I’d save magazine clippings of my favorite outfits and looks I one day wanted to try. I even still have some of those clippings and the magazines that featured my favorite people at the time. And […]

She makes me snacks and buys me things. She doesn’t get jealous when others are motherly toward me —      she knows it’s normal and not as odd as one may think. She puts me first in all that she does; she left lard years ago when he first struck me. My siblings on my mom’s side […]

Sunday afternoon to Wednesday around 3 in the afternoon, I was home alone. 😀 I mostly slept on Sunday, and when I awoke I watched Heroes, made a pizza and just chilled. Monday I attempted various mug cake recipes — which are really messed up these days and aren’t as great as they once were1 […]

“Only fifty minutes?” other people asked. I shrugged. Therapy sessions are 50 minutes. They’ve been like that for a long time. It’s just because. There’s no need to question it. I think people underestimate how much can be discussed in a fifty-minute time span. I’ve noticed that when I don’t have much to talk about it […]

I found a nut-free Nutella recipe. Only it isn’t completely nut-free. When speaking produce, coconut is a fruit. When speaking allergies, coconut is in the tree nut family with a possibility of being an allergen just as much as another tree nut. I also noticed the use of maple syrup or agave or honey, and […]

Goodies Company shut down, which means my last box was in October. I really enjoyed receiving food goodies in my box each month; the food paid for itself and it was cheaper than having Graze be sent to me each week. Even though I’d eat all the food the day of the box’s delivery. But I […]

I don’t know about other countries, but in the US we have Knorr® side dishes. There are also other brands, but I’ve found these to be the cheapest — at Walmart they’re $1 each. I mostly grew up on these side dishes and those Tuna/Chicken/Hamburger Helper dinners (can’t remember the brand). And it got old. Fast. […]