Archives for Month: November 2013

I’m disappointed in an online company people around me talk so highly of. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed this much in a company I’ve seen many other bloggers talk about. After receiving an offer from Swagbucks that allowed me to receive my first box free and only pay for shipping and handling ($3.99), […]

For some reason I prepared myself to write a new post, busied myself, and then expected to be able to write up something worth posting. I kind of have multiple things to post, and they don’t really go on Twitter because they’re a bit too long in thought. So I’m rambling. Thus far tonight, I’ve […]

I stole this from Robin, who stole it from Blake, who stole it from Danielle, who originally thought of this as far as we all know. I feel like 2013 brought a lot of new bloggers — most of which only started blogging for “easy money” — and with these bloggers, new trends and other crap […]

I enjoy writing. I enjoy escaping into the words and telling a story from my head in such a way that others can visualize it, or even taste it. I know I’m hard on myself. Even when others compliment me on my writing, I sometimes still find things I dislike about it. And then I […]

I’m not really one to share pieces from stories I’m writing as I’m writing them, but for NaNoWriMo, the novel I’m writing contains some songs in it. I really liked this one, so I’m sharing it! Technically, the main character writes it about the girl he fell for, not me. :p I really need a […]

I only took one thing away from my college speech class in 2011: Communication is situational. I replaced “communication” with “everything”. Everything is situational. This isn’t a cookie-cutter guide on how to help your loved who one has depression and you have literally no clue on how to deal with it, nor is it something […]

In an attempt to escape blogging limbo, I spoiled myself and 6birds to a much-needed makeover. In other words, if you’re not on the site itself, you should click through and enjoy the view! (I’m going to be bragging about this, so.) This style isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s okay because during […]

Monday, Grandmama and I were invited to a lunch thing with “Cousin Kathy”, the same one from the Joyous Living Retreat I attended earlier this year, that would happen today. We went with her and her friend R. The lunch thing was actually more of a fundraiser event for students’ scholarships. The students go on […]