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Since I’ve already done the Sunshine Award in its full form, I’ll post questions other peoples asked me since I posted it. I feel like I missed a person who tagged me, so if it was you, just tell me and I’ll get to answering those questions as well. :p Cantaloupe and Sofie tagged me. Sofie’s […]

I did this meme on 6birds once, but since I started over, it’s like I never did it. People in love — I know, “it will come” to me, but it’s frustrating to see the people I went to school with getting engaged or married at least four times a month. Last December at least 10 […]

I’ve realized I feel more relaxed and able to think when I make time for movies at least once a week. The first two weeks of November were long and agonizing, and I wasn’t going to watch movies when I could write instead. Anyway, I really like this ‘series’ thing. In watching movies, I kind […]

There was this topic for Blogtember that I never did and was going to when I felt the time was right. Unfortunately, the time will never be right. That day really struck me hard, and it changed the mindset I’d had for a really long time: His threats and abuse are over — he can’t […]

If you have a weak stomach or you’re eating, or whatever similar, you really shouldn’t read this post.

It’s like a slow, steady, unwinding piece of yarn that tangles once set down, forming a knot. It makes me feel sick, like I cannot escape. Maybe I’ve caved and relapsed, or maybe I’ve fallen and hit the pavement. A cry or two here and there fills the air silently, lasting at least two hours […]

OH MY GOSH, that hurt. If having a decayed tooth1 removed doesn’t hurt as bad as having the wisdom teeth removed, I’m terrified to go get my wisdom teeth removed next year. They prescribed hydrocodone, a pill I put everywhere on allergy sheets due to the fact that it gives me utterly horrendous nightmares contrary […]

Last Monday I went to the dentist because I couldn’t wait until the new year or until after Thanksgiving to not have anything to look forward to regarding this tooth. Sure, I’ve endured child abuse, ovarian cysts and a kidney stone, but pain from a broken and decaying tooth whose filling fell out is the […]