Archives for Month: February 2014

I’m clumsy on a regular basis, but yesterday it was taken to a new extreme. I’m still half here and half gone, so if this post doesn’t make sense, then it’s definitely clumsy itself. 😉 I was given the yucky-tasting Halcion to ‘relax and attempt sleep’. I think it’s annoying that they told me to […]

I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, the bone fragment from my previous tooth extraction removed, and a cap over a broken tooth damaged by an impacted wisdom tooth. I decided I’m wearing pajamas to the dentist tomorrow so I can be comfortable. I should actually be fully asleep this time. Because of my allergies, […]

Meh. I really like handmade things. I also adore giveaways with handmade items. The only allergy-free way I can enjoy Sunbutter is by eating it alone. I can also make plain granola bars, or something else, with Sunbutter, but I can’t eat a Sunbutter & jelly sandwich because I’m allergic to bread. And jelly/jam with […]

I don’t remember the last time I described what’s happening in my mind from a first-hand-like perspective, and I figured this could give some insight to my behaviors and current state of mind, or at least more insight. In December, I only went to therapy once due to the dental work I had done and […]

Blogging is different for me lately. I once used it as free therapy, meaning I could let everything in one place go and tell people about it, and defined it as my sanctuary, but it isn’t the same anymore. I have a therapist now, and I disclose a lot of information in there that I […]

Probably a bad example of what I’m trying to say, but wish me luck: Mainstream society depicts Christians as hypocritical and, sometimes, ignorant. Fans perceive Katniss as a hero. Alcoholics obtain such a label by suffering from alcoholism. These labels and perceptions can also be known as definitions, which formed based on actions. When you […]

This is another post that was supposed to be posted in December but never was. (Oops.) In November I signed up for Ipsy, mostly because I wanted a cute cosmetic bag. Lately I’ve kind of been wanting to own makeup again, even though I don’t have anywhere to go. I mostly enjoy the nail polish […]

This should have posted last month, but it never did. 😮 Since I watched a lot this month, the little tidbits will differ greatly from what they usually are, as I’m really probably only going to say what I liked or didn’t like about them. c: