Archives for Month: February 2014

Over the course of the past week, whilst feeling shitty I took up another television series. I usually revert back to Netflix comas when I feel like there’s just a lot of pressure. This time I stumbled across The L Word and I watched all six seasons. It was a really great series, and the […]

I feel like I’m a black dot on a blank page without any other dots to connect to. Aside from starving myself and hurting myself via puncturing my skin, as of this year I can add using pain pills to numb emotional pain to my list. I have used them before, but not to the […]

I’ve been reorganizing a blog for long hours at a time. If I were a Sim, I would likely have that ‘Stir Crazy’ moodlet. I’m even bursting into laughter over the most non-hilarious things possible. But it’s gotta get done — it has to get done. I’ll, like, direct you all to it to show […]