Archives for Month: March 2014

So you wanna start a blog? Great! This post will brief you about the basics of what you need to know so you can make a well-informed decision.

Included in this post is “web hosting trade secrets”, ’cause I used to run a web hosting business.

While I hate assigning things to people and telling people what to do (because I feel bossy), I’ve realized something: I’m not really a follower. All my life, I’ve followed people around and “went with the flow” in an attempt to be easy and just fit in, but in all honesty, I really despise doing […]

While this has been heavily edited due to recent circumstances, there may have been some skipped parts. I’m also no longer as optimistic as I was when I originally wrote this, which was in January 2014. I’ve changed a lot in 23 years. I remember thinking age 30 was old, and now I just hope […]

Courtesy of 20sb, I received the opportunity to review and administer a giveaway for the Indie film It’s Not You, It’s Me by Nathan Ives. I was actually really ecstatic when I received the email because I love Indie films and watching and reviewing movies. I’ve also missed hosting a giveaway on 6birds, so this gives me a chance […]

There’s this game I used to play with my mom called Virtual Villagers. She wouldn’t let me play hers much, because she’d have all that progress and her way of doing things, but she’d let me make a player on it for my own. I wouldn’t complete a lot of the puzzles, however, because I wouldn’t […]

There’s something about loud music blasting into my ears that is so soothing — so relaxing — even though it can’t (and won’t) truly drown out the noise of reality. My dad was let go at his job. Insurance will last until the end of the month, and I’m going to one more counseling appointment […]

Grandmama told me I should study chemistry and medical things. The reason? I’m finding chemistry has a lot to do with medications and allergens. I replied, “I don’t like chemistry,” or something along those lines. I was given Clindamycin 150mg to help prevent getting an infection after my wisdom teeth removal. The pharmacist told Grandmama […]