Archives for Month: April 2014

Last week I learned SunButter isn’t exactly like peanut butter. Peanut butter is creamier — maybe because it’s ‘processed’ with preservatives and whatnot? SunButter is more dense, therefore, things I once made with peanut butter don’t necessarily come out the same way as it would when using SunButter. …or perhaps it’s not SunButter’s fault; maybe it’s the […]

Of all the Easter Sundays I’ve been a part of (twenty-three, by the way), I’ve never ‘celebrated’ it by going to an Italian restaurant. I’m used to being a part of Easter celebrations consisting of miniature versions of Thanksgiving dinner, egg hunting and colorful decorations on the table. Instead, we ate at an Italian restaurant […]

Earlier last year, I really let my love for short films show. A major hobby of mine is watching all the short films I can, which usually ends up with me looking at my desktop clock and saying, “Wow! Is it really [insert time after 3am here]??” Heh. Sooo, you’re gonna need some audio for these; […]

Contrary to the notes when hovering the name, it should be known that the “Ezra” I’m discussing in this post is not my brother Ezra. If you haven’t caught up on Pretty Little Liars yet, you probably don’t want to read this post. #spoileralert If you have, and you’re an #Ezria fan, you’re probably going to get […]

The perk of having Allergic Liza, an allergy-related blog, was that people wanted to see more food-related posts from me — and food blogs are fun, and what better way, right? I like foods blogs. I wanted a food blog. I still want one. Others have actually been asking about me having one since I shut down. The […]