Archives for Month: February 2016

Invincibility, TV, writing, reading, ironic night tops, sour cream and onion chips, #Morey feels, merging blogs, skinned knees—the month of February 2016 was quite a month.

Wanna avoid people, procrastinate or simply baste in the laziness? Here are six ways how.

I altered my link love posts to properly portray my personality a bit more without coming off too pompous.


When I was about nine or ten, I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. My mom told me to go play by myself in the Lone Star Lagoon (a pool) and come back later, because she wanted to sit for a while. Little did either of us know, this was the first water incident of many to come, which would later lead to my distaste in and of swimming.

As I felt the waves in the wave contraption section of the pool pull my body further down, I started crying, wondering why lifeguards weren’t coming to my rescue.

I’ve decided to rearrange my projects once again. Hopefully this time will be the last. is just my blog home. I should just accept it already, no?

Because sensory overload is a bitch and there are tons of autistic peeps on the Internet—some of which might want to read your blog, but can’t because #sensoryoverload boom.

TL;DR: In screenwriting, one page = one minute. Turns out my four-page script for G&R isn’t going to be between 8 and 10 minutes after all. Bummer.

In which I wonder if it’s possible to overdose on hydrocortisone cream, and lack lotion and laundry-doing.