Archives for Month: March 2016

Aside from celebrating(ish) my twenty-fifth birthday this month, I decided to bring back Zest (as per many requests), and I tried to do some more work on my blog in terms of plugins—deciding which are redundant and which are absolutely needed.

I attended the media preview of The LEGO® Movie™ 4D: A New Adventure with Charlise and her five rambunctious boys. There was a red carpet and raining lemon water, and everything was made out of LEGO blocks (basically).

I’m attempting to revert back to my birthday recaps, because remembering how I spent my birthday might be fun later on…maybe. My twenty-fifth started off a little rocky, but things eventually toned down and chilled…and ended with smiles, fortune cookies, and [hopefully] How to Train Your Dragon. ❤

Ah, the case of nicheless blogging vs. niche blogging. I decided to finally weigh in on my own opinion of the matter, as an autistic, because nicheless bloggers think more like autistics than allistic people.

I hereby declare that, if you think niche blogging is easier, you’re doing it wrong.

Constructive criticism and tasteful debating is acceptable; blatant insults are not.

A breakdown of my day in timeline form—mostly, I did laundry, worked and finished puzzle, and watched movies playing on Hallmark here and there. But I also had trouble sleeping, so I spent about three or so hours reading 86 pages with a flashlight—high school style. XD

This post is part of Georgie’s linkup.

I have knee problems. This, however, didn’t come to mind when I decided to chase after a toddler in a parking lot practically fearing for his life—in flip-flops.

Oh, and there’s a spoiler regarding my memoir, too.

The more I wrote, the more I began to think becoming a published author was impossible. But it’s 2016. The world is at a writer’s fingertips. Words are so powerful, and the two major writing projects I’m currently working on? They’ve made me fall in love with writing again. ❤

I’m a television addict, basically. Finding Carter was cancelled after two seasons, and in this post, I explain the problems I saw with it and share what I feel could have made it better. Since I’m quite passionate about this stuff, it’s rather wordy.

Long story short: It was trope-filled, disrespectful to families who use genetic donations, and loaded with filler content.