Archives for Month: April 2016

I’m a huge fan of The CW’s television series “The 100”, so I decided to pick the book of the same name back up and start reading it. I’ve had it since the TV series was in its promotion period for the first season, but when I received it and began reading it, I was rather unimpressed, so I abandoned it.

Now that I wasted two days reading it, I rather regret having picked it up again. Oh, well…at least I’ve learned what not to do.

In which I ponder whether alcohol and coffee make me feel a billion times more autistic than I’ve ever imagined possible, in addition to whether this is how allistic people feel when caffeinated/drunk. I mean, what DOES drunkenness feel like? I googled it and only got articles about dancing with others, etc.—not feeling like you’ve overdosed and laughing gas and feel totally amazeballs as you’re extra-stim-y.

I actually have recipes I need to post. I just wanted to convert my existing recipe posts from using plugins to being manually coded into the posts before I went and published the other posts. This took a priority not only because of my personal preferences, but for better performance as well, even more so because not every post is a recipe post.

By using shortcodes, I was able to make sure WordPress won’t cut off any HTML after publishing and/or when I go into a post later to update it.

That’s Not Hay in My Hair is a cute coming-of-age story about sixth grader Jules, who has to leave her small apartment in noisy NYC for a 300-acre ranch in Texas. In the midst of adapting to farm chores, learning how to coexist with snakes and dealing with two grandparents who are constantly bickering, Jules soon finds life on the ranch isn’t so bad after all…and precisely how different a coed school is from her former all girls one.

I have mixed feelings on whether I’d recommend it, however.

The real question is why I thought I’d need an email for every little thing to begin with. Was an email account for subscription emails even necessary?

Houlihan’s is a diverse healthy alternative to dining out. Their teamwork is a blast to watch, their Parmesan Frites are great, and their service is fast.

…and who can beat food puns and a free cookie?

I decided to split my posts about Austin into two parts. I didn’t talk about everything, but I can always include it in the future or something (or you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, whereon I share pieces of my life I find too short to put in a post on their own ?).

Whilst I did optimize the photographs in this post for the web, it may still be picture-heavy if your Internet is slow.