Archives for Month: May 2016

I decided to do the prompts this month, due to the lack of motivation for anything else.

There was rain, I need to do laundry, I’m hungry, and I’ve not been sleeping well. ☔

Saturday, Grandmama and I put the pods into the ground! ? We’ll put in the tomatoes later; we need to figure out where to put them. ? Speaking of tomatoes, they also got mushrooms—something I was anything but pleased about—due to over-watering. ??

This update is about…

  • How I’m still in pain from my fall in February
  • The start of our backyard garden

Extreme trigger warning. Not for the faint-hearted.

Coming in at 2,511words, this post is also wordy.

In this post, I share a light review on The Rosie Project, the book that inspired me to create Wesley. This novel is filled with autistic humor, which may turn several allistic people off, especially if they are anti-autism. (I know, it’s sad…but those people do exist.)