Archives for Month: July 2016

Around May or June was an incident when Grandmama and I were rearranging a table against the side of the house on the patio. A green common house gecko was chilling on the side of the house. I almost didn’t see him, because the table has several leafy plants in pots, so whilst he blatantly […]

I’ve played with “Liz Lately” before, and lately, I’ve felt it fits more than my “Life Update” posts. I’ve only spent three years contemplating whether I should use it regularly, so here goes. ?

This update covers:

  • A brief blurb of the relief I feel having changed to Janepedia
  • The case of my potentially stolen identity ?
  • And talk of an upcoming virtual book club

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that changing from to is for the best. 6birds and I have had many memories, but I don’t feel he represents me well anymore. (Yes, 6birds is male.)

Unfortunately, there is no trigger warning in life, wherein you may come across person-first language and people who make autistics their charity.

I’m back on talking about my autism, with a whole new bout of determination and motivation.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is an old platitude used to increase or inspire optimism, which is probably from the mindset that optimism is the only way to look at something in a beneficial way…which results in a divide caused by people who think optimism is the only way. Unfortunately, you cannot make […]

This is the story about how a minor special interest ceased to exist as any interest. I’ve also shared how exactly I learned to code and taught myself, and give a little more background to my bleak childhood.