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The theme Georgie created for me is here! To shake things up a bit and do something different, she’s given me something to say about the theme. As someone who loves behind-the-scenes tidbits, I find what she has to say about it really cool. 🤓 #nerdalert

I was tired, having just finished watching a tear-jerking movie on Netflix. My half-full water bottle was uncapped, the lid leasing space on the laptop itself. I tend to drink a lot of water, so closing it and opening it constantly seemed so pointless. It’s no different from what I typically do, and when I […]

Charlise and I went to get our eyebrows done at Reena Salon in Garland on Saturday. She’d brought two coupons on Groupon, or something like that. I’m not sure how Groupon works. ? Anyway, I consider having my eyebrows threaded an achievement, because I’ve been wanting to get them done for the past year, but […]

Saturday Six #1, curated by @janepedia
As a tribute to 6birds, and also to force myself to creatively think within certain limits, I’ve changed my link love post series to “Saturday Six”. :3

Since I experienced technical issues in June and fell into a personal slump in July, I fell behind on a lot of posts I meant to write, or at least publish, so August will consist of me playing catch-up. I also missed the previous two Day in the Life posts, so that sucks. I considered […]

In an attempt to celebrate the small (and big) achievements of mine, I’m doing an “Achievements Unlocked” series of sorts, to which I’ll add over time. I’ve mentioned my memory problem before, but I’m also hoping this will help with some insecurities of mine. It works as a title, because I do play The Sims […]

The use of kid leashes, or child harnesses, is controversial to say the least, especially between the autistic vs. allistic communities. Not only do I not see how it equates to child abuse, but the argument point against kid leashes using dogs on leashes as a basis for why the practice is wrong only works for the pro side—because dog leashes? They’re meant to keep dogs safe, when used non-abusively.