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One of these posts is a month overdue, no? Let’s see… My cat died I rushed to Mimi’s (well, she picked me up) the 7th and stayed until the 9th to visit with Todd. I hurried to make my room all nice and stuff (it was a mess due to my organizing) since I’d be […]

Todd standing proud on a post in the backyard of the old farm
This post contains talk of a cat who had to be put down due to weakness caused by an unknown illness and the lack of weight gain. This warning is here, because death can be hard to swallow and bring up depressing memories.

When I was reading this book, I loved it. However, towards the end, I began to feel disappointed. So much promise! So much expectation built up, pending for long, overdue satisfaction! But it never came, only dissipated.

A review for The Bee-Friendly Garden, a book whose photography I fell in love with and information on bees I ached for.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in creating/maintaining a bee-friendly, pesticide-free garden. (Bees are important.)

This installment of A Day in the Life features twenty-four points from today, with a heavy autistic theme…as almost embarrassing as it may be. ?

I’ve slacked on these, but am working on getting back in the habit of them. Some previous posts from this series:

In this post, I share tiny writing exercises I do—with examples featuring one of my newer characters, Olive Dooley—to help stretch my writing muscles. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to write, and/or just need some new writing exercises to try, this post is for you. I use these exercises to mostly practice with my flash fiction. ?

You can also enjoy the flash fiction pieces. ❤️

It’s here! This post took me a while, and I decided to try either a) featuring or b) making note of my favorites, or at least the ones I feel would really benefit peeps following nut-free diets.

The GFAF Expo is my #1 source of learning about up-and-coming nut-free companies and products. All brands featured in this post are nut-free, or at least carry nut-free options. I also emailed the companies for clarification, for both my curiosity and readers’ convenience.

Previous GFAF Expo posts:

For me, allistics are oftentimes hard to be friends with. I don’t always understand what they mean right away or can tell when they’re joking—sometimes laughing when I should be awing. ?

I’ll get there eventually.