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The last six years have gone by really fast. This post also should have gone up in February, but I didn’t think of it until a few months after and then, more recently, my laptop died. To avoid getting further behind, I decided late is better than never. ?

Database backups are to lifesavers as website security is to a condom. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure your site is backed up properly and secure. CodeGuard allows you to securely back up your databases and store those backups. And guess what? There’s a free version, so you have no excuse not to set up automatic website backups today.

Well…August definitely happened. I survived my old phone and my six-year-old laptop, the latter of which died from a simple water spill. I’d really like to know why it died from a water spill when I’ve spilled broth from soup and sauce from pizza rolls and sodas, like ginger ale and Pepsi, but the moment […]

A banner image saying 'Saturday Six #2'
The second edition of Saturday Six is here, featuring links on accessibility, plus some other random ones (like stuff related to blogging).

I’m having a lot of fun with this series thus far, because it forces me to be creative and limit myself to six links, and also encourages me to read outside of my comfort zone.

An official release regarding my departure from HostClearly.