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Two girls laying on their backs on the hood of an old, rusty truck, laughing; their wavy hair hangs free off the edge of the hood. They are in long-sleeved tops and long pants, and one is wearing a scarf
#Sistertips is a series for anyone who wishes they had a big sister. I’m the eldest of my five siblings. I give a unique perspective, having come from a dysfunctional family and being autistic and all, but here goes nothin’.

I know I just posted one of these a few days ago, but the latest addition to this series was supposed to go up at least a week ago. The desktop obtained a mysterious virus, “mysterious” because I don’t know how and find it a little hard to figure out what happened by talking to […]

This post is a shout-out to anyone and everyone who has ever been hurt by the church. I am participating in #ApologizefortheChurch, because I believe it needs to change. We have enough hate in the world already, and God’s people are supposed to love and not be hateful—and really, living life is a complex mess of a thing enough as it is. Puberty and high school are hard enough.

Being on both sides of the community, I know one apology—or even a hundred apologies—isn’t enough. But it’s a start.

My life lately, in bite-sized, easy-to-swallow chunks—because no one can swallow an entire steak whole…and I’m not interested in boring you to death.

(I tried to be punny. Did it work? ?)

A banner image saying 'Saturday Six'

I got kinda lazy last weekend. I don’t totally remember what I did, but I was reading and watching a lot of movies—and I discovered video works on my phone without freaking said phone out, so guess who has been catching up on her shows lately?

(Me.) ?

Kicking off my new interview series, Cool People, is Georgie Luhur. She’s designed three of my themes, lives in Sydney, and works for Campaign Monitor.

She’s also undeniably obsessed with tea.

This is literally a half-assed recap of my month because 1) I’m too lazy to put effort into it after attending a cousin’s wedding shower brunch earlier today, 2) this desktop is Windows XP (which was officially unsupported beginning two years ago) and 3) I had so much happening it’s too much to include.

I’m also pretty sure I bruised my hands trying to move my bookshelf. ?