Archives for Month: December 2016

A brief recap of 2016, named after my late attempt at a food blog.

There is mild cursing and talk of autism. If you’re uncomfortable with either, you’ll likely be uncomfortable with my blog.

This year has proven goals are the bane of my productivity. They prevent me from doing many things I’d like to do, but also from taking risks and living the way life is: spontaneous.

Photo of Nancy

This month’s interview focuses on Nancy, a web hostess and personal blogger. ?

This smoothie is an accident gone well—aren’t those the best?

(Considering how my last accident smoothie was a green one that somehow wound up being black and chunky, I think accidents that go well are the best. You live and you learn. ?)

Banner for 'A Day in the Life': December 2016

Welcome to the first month of me running the Day in the Life linkup! ? Prompts this month are random, because life is random.

Shit I’ve been up to lately. In a nutshell: blog maintenance and being at risk for hypothermia. Also movies. Always movies.

A movie is even starting right now.