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Christmas is next week! I’ve been busy wrapping presents (ugh, so fun!) for busy family members, among other things.

Elder generations enjoy nit-picking at millennials for this and that, but to paraphrase Fall Out Boy, the story’s all off.

2017 is coming to an end, and I am wrapping up my 2017 reading. Compared to last year, my reading variety expanded. Reading a wide variety of things is important to me—not only as a writer, but as a human being in general. For me, reading helps me connect with and understand a world I have difficulty understanding.

Of the 52 books I’ve read thus far this year, here are my favorite genres.

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

Last month, I focused a lot on my blog and Net Neutrality and seldom else. I also met my newest cousin and gave NaNoWriMo one final try.

Alexandra Franzen talks about her new book, You’re Going to Survive, scrutiny as an online creator, adversity, and more.

Photo of Alexandra holding a tablet device with e-book version of 'You're Going to Survive' in focus.

After a year-long hiatus returns my interviews series Cool People, in which I feature everyday people owning their “it”, in an attempt to redefine inspiration (or to perhaps introduce others to inspirational people).

In “A Plain Leaving”, the story of a Revolutionary War-era ancestor aids Jessica Bachman in choosing her path—stay in the Englisch world, or return home as an Amish woman—after she’s called home in the aftermath of her father’s death.