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This month was probably the longest, most “blah” month to the new year.

It’s my party, and I’ll eat a whole box of allergy-friendly snickerdoodle cookies if I want to.~

In which I try to adequately explained how I’m not verbal by choice, but rather as a way of survival, and would instead prefer a world in which signing instead of verbalizing my words and using my literal voice was more acceptable.

Stuff I’ve been up to lately—from breathing problems during sleep to using CSS to edit images.

White text on red background reading 'Flash Fiction Friday: Heat'
Isabelle is back in town, after visiting with her family over the summer. She has her secrets, as people usually do, but she’s hiding something more beneath the surface—and loyal boyfriend Leo is not it.

Tension comes to a boil at Patsy’s Tea & Coffee, but then…that’s their new normal, isn’t it?

Do you know how uh-mazing it is to bathe with soap and not itch like you’ve been bitten by a gazillion ants? I never knew such a luxury was possible.
Image of Perfectly Posh samples (listed below)

Correction from a previous post: Last year, I read seventeen books. This year, I’m challenging myself to read seventeen more.

I’m also stepping more towards minimalism and already introducing changes to my blog!