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We’re FINALLY having our garage sale. I also share my obsession with Mamma Chia. 😋

Take this song I can’t get out of my head. I’M BEGGING YOU. 😖

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One of the reasons I wanted this theme to have the index/main page like it is is because I intended to use images on the front pages, within the [manual] excerpts. Then, my laptop died because I spilled water on it and didn’t think to unplug it, and there introduced the world of online editing programs. I don’t care what anyone says: they do not compare to installed software.

I’m what I consider myself a “closet autistic”, if only because I have no other way to describe my life in few words. It’s not a secret, it’s just something I’m not supposed to talk about and instead supposed to hide.

But then I step back and watch things in my life unravel from a distance, and I don’t know how anyone can miss the autistic living in plain sight.

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This month’s edition features prompts regarding what you did today.

I always feel like I’m late with this, because when Georgie was running it, she was ahead of the US crowd because she lives in Australia. 😅

This is a breakdown of my current side projects, ranging from the obvious (online trading card games) to potential surprises (like a #linkinbio WordPress plugin and recipe development).

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I forgot how to do a lot of things in the midst of my reality. Last year was a difficult time for me, and I’ve been keeping everything in lately like I’m expected to and pretending it’s no big deal. It’s not working.

Autism awareness is overrated. The world knows about it, much of it just won’t accept it. I’m an autism activitist because I’m actually autistic.

I’m also one of those autistics with a family who wants them to be “normal” and, well, refuses to acknowledge it “gets” autism. I don’t know what else to do aside from share my experience and story as an autistic person.