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Prior to reading Hag-Seed, the only Shakespearean project I’ve understood at all in life was Romeo & Juliet. I didn’t know what a retelling was, either, but I like it: I want to write one for R&J, one of my favorite romances of all time. (I love a fabulous tragedy, after all. 😏)

My mind has been blank lately. I start to write or type up any post, and my brain flakes out. I’ve not been able to type much on my phone due to my carpal tunnel syndrome acting up and hurting so bad. Instead of reorganizing my room, I am likely gonna be packing things I […]

This book details the necessities of women in the workplace and how men cannot create successful businesses without including women in the core decision-making. We see things they don’t, foresee what they fail to consider, feel things they forget to acknowledge.

Collage of photos I've taken lately and posted to Instagram (@gotjane)
I’ve not felt like blogging about anything I felt interesting lately, because I’ve fallen into my typical Blogging Funk, so I decided to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to lately—even though I’ve used “lately” thrice in this sentence now and this marks a third life updates post in a row. 😒