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On one hand, a lot happened; on the other, a whole lot of nothing happened.

Today is Forgiveness Day in the world, not to be confused with International Forgiveness Day and/or Global Forgiveness Day. It’s easy to tout around forgiveness like it’s the end-all to anything that happened—to forget what forgiveness actually is. So here is some of what it isn’t, many of the things in the list below having […]

Fidget spinners: they’re everywhere. This is my take on the trend, though it’s not intended to make anyone feel pleased with themselves after they read it—re: it’s not a feel-good article.

Here and Gone is a suspenseful thriller mixing abduction, human trafficking, domestic violence, murder and the abuse of power. At the end of the day, the important question is how far would you go for half a million/three million dollars?

Photo of a sunflower in bloom in a containerThis month, I was really anxious. There were some days where my chest hurt from stress. However, I did get to meet my new cousin a week after she was born!