Archives for Month: July 2017

July’s monthly recap focuses on food, sleep and reading.

The Marriage Pact is amazing—beautifully written, chilling to the bone, like a drug to the mind. I was impressed by how much it challenged me to think, as psychological thrillers usually do for myself, and the love Jake had for his wife Alice.

Banner for 'A Day in the Life': July 2017
This month’s edition of A Day in the Life reveals my day in four parts—morning, noon, evening, night.

When hardcover books are embossed and glittery—and a buck—I can’t help not buying them.

Yeah…I judge books by their covers.

At least 500 years into the future, our culture on Earth is reduced to “Common Era”; baseball survives by a margin; and erotic fiction, disguised as “entertainment texts”, is one of the few commodities abundant among settlements, yet scarce among cities—and we’re in a parallel world war with aliens who may or may not resemble some combination of spider legs and dog bodies.

Photo of backyard last year, featuring the growing tomatoes

This is an open letter to the guy who mows our lawn, who knows nothing more about me than what I look like.

Not everything is personal. Soccer analogies and metaphors await you in this post, but it’s not so much sports speak to confuse anyone unfamiliar with the sport—I barely understand it, and I played one season, watched at least five, and refereed somewhere between three and six games…or was it more? Meh.