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I know I said I wouldn’t do another nonfiction book, but I’d entered a Goodreads giveaway for this and didn’t win, then saw this on Blogging for Books a few days after and thought, “Maybe fate is a thing.”

Also, as a writer, I felt obligated to give it a chance. It could prove itself a useful resource.

I’m always interested in ways to better hone my writing craft.

In the wake of Netflix’s Atypical series, the divide between the autistic and autism communities is stronger than ever.

Instead of ranting at full-speed about it, I’d like to use my time and space here to explain how an allistic (non-autistic) person can be an ally to autistic people during this time.
Black and white photo of a girl in winter clothes (jacket and beanie) looking away from the camera. The background is white, her hair shields her face from the view (it looks blonde), and her hands are in her pockets.

My favorite part of historical fiction is how there’s a predictability to them that is comforting, in that certain worldly events and timely cultures are inevitable.

Thus, part of my reason for enjoying this book is owed to my favoritism for the genre—but I’m getting ahead of myself.