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I grew really stressed this month, so so much of it feels like a waste—but I’m “getting there”, as I say.
Photo of sunflower with text in white: Slice of September 2017

Overhead photo of stainless steel water bottle in turquoise-and-white hibiscus coozie, plus blue HP laptop
Yes—it’s what you think it is. Her name is Blue.

Photo of red corded phone on white background

If there is anything—yes, anything—you want to ask me, here is your chance. 😉

Icons of four mermaid-themed webcomics, as listed in this post

In this post, I share my top 16 favorite webcomics.

If you take issue with queer themes, you should just leave now before your eyes bleed from queerphobia.

It’s 2017, yet institutionalized education after high school is still being pushed by many authorities—and if you’re not in college or didn’t go, the lack of such institutionalized learning is used as an insult.

Education is an important topic to me, and I’ve finally been able to put into words my feelings about further education. The thing is, no longer attending school does not mark the end of learning. Learning is everywhere. This is the first post I’m sharing in regards to how I continue to learn—and push myself to do so—without college.

When I saw it sitting on the shelf, I figured I’d give “The 100” book series—Kass Morgan, even—a second chance by reading the sequel.