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Photo of minion ball ornament
Christmas is approaching, but this year I’m partaking in unconventional, bold decorations that are more me and less storybook.

An update about my life. Includes my love for China Anne McClain and an update on my cold. 😊

+ important notice about ADITL linkup

@JuRainford [other mentions redacted] I don't feel embarrassed. Someone I follow was part of the conversation. And again, having a public discussion means outside people are going to come in. I added to the conversation in hopes you'd understand autistics more. I won't apologize for that.

I don’t feel embarrassed. I stand by what I said. If I am to be punished for standing up like that, for not sitting on the sidelines and later thinking I could have done something, then fine. But also? Shame on Twitter. I expected better. I know they’re capable of doing better.

I have zero tolerance for this shit.

“The Proving” is an Amish fiction novel about a woman named Mandy who left the Amish life for the English world and is pulled back to it after her mother’s passing led to her inheriting a B&B in Lancaster County—with a catch, of course. Tension between two sisters arise, and Jane of the English world reveals what she loved best.

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve written, in that it’s taken me several years and I wasn’t sure how to articulate it.

Take one down, pass it around, simple reminders for those who need themβ€”ah, that’s too wordy for the song. This post is essentially a makeshift self-care/fight song file.

CONTAINS: Lots of music puns + self-development.

Random thoughts brought to you by off-brand NyQuil, a trashcan filled with two boxes of used tissues, and the boredom I have with my cold.