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In “A Plain Leaving”, the story of a Revolutionary War-era ancestor aids Jessica Bachman in choosing her path—stay in the Englisch world, or return home as an Amish woman—after she’s called home in the aftermath of her father’s death.

Today is World Hello Day, so I’m reintroducing myself and my blog (er, officially introducing everything).

NaNoWriMo illustration; I don't know how to describe it, but each syllable of the acronym is in a two-tone circle, and they're connected to each other; it looks a bit sciencey

Whether NaNoWriMo was something I could benefit from was something I needed to experience for myself.

I’m not one to share my goals—this is different. (I think.) I’m already in the progress of accomplishing these things.

Photo of my Dallas GFAF Expo 2017 blogger badge reading 'Jane Lawson'
This month, I watched 11 movies, read four books, and went to the GFAF Expo…among other things.