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My thoughts on Coldwater are complicated. I loved the story, but took issue with the writing, because my nightmares still consist of the days when I had to eat, sleep and breathe diagrammed sentences.

This is an overview of the reading challenges I partook in last year and the ones I’ll be participating in this year.

I don’t know what this year holds, so I’m not expecting anything major. What I do know is that I will conduct Janepedia differently—probably more so than ever before, like I’m a totally different person. Because I kind of am.

Aside from working to be more open about my dissociative identity disorder on my blog, I’m considering serializing a novel I’m writing instead of first going the traditional publishing vs. indie publishing routes.

I can honestly say my blog wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my readers. So many times, I was tempted to give up on this thing—when I was hacked, when I lost all my files, when I had a bad day, when I was depressed, when my life sucked.

This post is for you.

As I type this, I’m freezing my feet off. I’m dressed in a long-sleeved, blue cotton-and-flannel button-up, black fleece pants comprised of this bear-looking thing wearing a sash and “AARGHH!” in the background (the tag has a Star Wars logo), a black shirt I got three dots of yellow acrylic paint on while making a […]

An overview of my life and blog in 2017, from drama to beating around the bush.