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29 Days Until My Birthday

I will be nineteen this year – exciting, no!? I practiced driving today in my aunt’s Nissan Sentra. I REALLY like it. Like, I think I’m in love with it. 😛 Haha. It just drives so smoothly!

Anyway, I was going to start the contest next Thursday, but I may just post it tomorrow! There will be one winner, and they will get 1 .info domain name with hosting that can be renewed next year for $ 16. I figured that that price was fair? 😀 More info tomorrow!

I need to reply to my comments on my previous entry, and I will try to do so tomorrow or sometime next week. 🙂

Sorry my blog today was so short!

Oh, and rotation codes that use Javascript does NOT work on my site for reasons I do not know. :/

Until next time,