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I love photographing sunsets – especially when they are surrounded by trees! It almost creates a silhouette effect.

I blogged about this garden on 6birds. I loved these flowers so much, and I worked so hard on my garden. Perhaps next spring will be better for me to create [and keep] a garden.

This is what we sometimes use to burn trash in. Doesn’t the shot look awesome? We can’t burn like this – or like anyway – whilst it’s really windy, though, or if there is a burn ban. It’s still quite nice to watch, though. I’m considering toasting marshmallows and making s’mores one of these days that I have off (and when it finally isn’t raining).

Purple flowers! I don’t know what these are called, but they spread like wildfire in a garden here, and they’re so beautiful!

….I need someone to play The Logo Game with. I had my mom buy it for me Black Friday, and I haven’t gotten to play it yet because no one wants to play it with me – and it wouldn’t be fun unless I could play with someone who would possibly know about various brands featured in the game. Make sense?

I love this one of Todd from lasts spring; it’s blurry, but it’s still awesome! 😛

This is the most recent book I have finished reading. It was really great! I’m so upset that the original hardback cover is out on paperback now (the chess piece one). It’s one dollar less AND the one I wanted. Oh, well. I got a poster in this one, but it’s not like I’ll ever use it.