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Hi, I'm Jane! 👋

Selfie taken while laying down; hand facing palm-up over face

My best physical feature is my timeless face; couple it with barely-there boobs, and you have a redhead who gets carded every. single. time. she wants to buy booze. I wouldn’t have such a problem with this ridiculous baby face if it didn’t cost me professional relationships and make me aware of real-life pedos — so don’t tell me to be optimistic.

Other non-blogging things I do — which isn’t a lot, because this is a special interest and, like, writing — include converting trash to treasure, gardening like my great grandma taught me, binging too much fiction, and building a life I needn’t escape from.

Selfeet; candy corn-like pattern leggings, tennis shows, long blue jean top, black-and-white Madras flannel; on the ground are acorn pieces

I’m totally a political person. I care about people who don’t share my privilege and am not scared to lose followers should they disagree with my political stance. I believe in human rights and that, regardless of what someone else’s sexuality or religion is, no one’s right should dictate someone else’s quality of life. ☮️

I live in Princeton, TX, with Charlise, her husband (Brian), and their six kids. 😩 While that’s enough to overwhelm anyone, I find solace in being surrounded by people with whom I can be myself and need not hide numerous parts of my personality from. Plus, she understands my vanity appreciation for expressing myself and gets my jokes like the older sibling I never had.

What’s more, it gives me plenty opportunity to build my credit (which no one ever taught me to do) so I can build the aforementioned life I don’t need a vacation from. 💖

Janepedia is a portmanteau of Jane and encyclopedia.

I’m a firm believer that it is up to the individual to define themselves — provided they’re given the autonomy to do so. That said, I also believe autonomy can be taken back, though it’s a difficult feat I wouldn’t wish on any disabled person. This isn’t where Janepedia comes from. It’s more like the slogan — define yourself, my version of the finger. 🖕

The last thing I want is to be a life coach. I watched too many characters be affected by one life coaching session during my latchkey days, and it was enough: life coaching is not for me. 🙅‍♀️

Letter board: Collect moments, not likes.

No — it’s Janepedia, because this is my blog. It’s a blog, about me. When you hear “Wikipedia”, you think, Oh, the internet encyclopedia. Depending on your birth year, you probably don’t realize there used to be physical encyclopedias.

You’ve come to this page to get to know me, and to my blog to read me or something I’ve written.

So it makes sense, to me, that I would create a domain name that’s easy to pronounce, spell and remember — at the same time self-explanatory.

Romantically, I’m looking for someone who understands my bibliophile addiction, loves cats, hates fad diets as much as I do, would take dance classes with me, is a woman, and would be up for wearing complementary outfits on occasion just because we can — basically someone with whom I can be in an annoying, gross coupledom with, at the same time each being our own people. Also having cat children until we have actual children, but especially cat children because MY HEART.

Letter board that says "Camp as a row of tents" atop a gay Pride flag

Platonically, this is an important thing to know about me: I’m a Sour Patch Kid. And I don’t like the hubbub of having to get to know new people, because new people seldom get my jokes and mistake my self-deprecation for low self-esteem (which I do not have, whatsoever). Also, I like tiny humans and cats more than teenagers and adults. 🤷‍♀️

But if you think you might fit into my life regardless, a great place to start is by actually reading my posts, wherein I discuss million-dollar insights about myself, brag about the goings-on in my life, and whatever else I please.