​I’m Jane. πŸ‘‹

My name was supposed to be Portia Alexis, ’cause my dad has always had a thing for cars. 🚘 Feel free to call me either.

To start, I’ve been writing since before I knew the alphabet. My squiggles filled every piece of paper my tiny hands could latch onto. My forte is finding truth in fiction, and I consume a lot of itβ€”in reading, in television, in film. I’ve been working on the same novel for so many years that I talk about the characters like they’re actual people I know. (But then how is this any different from all characters?)

Another childhood passion of mine is the environment. I use reusable bags at stores and love to garden, a hobby my great grandparents instilled in me because they had a garden and needed someone to do the watering during their soaps. I believe that incentivizing recycling systems and making the greener lifestyle more accessible is the key to gathering more people on board the tree hugger trainβ€”and I am passionate about contributing to the latter.

Photo of myself when I was about 2, standing and raking leaves. I wore a pink romper with white polka dots, and my frizzy hair was up in a bun. I'm looking at the camera as if someone just called my name and I turned around to see them.
2ish-year-old me raking some leaves. Gotta love that old photograph quality.

Locally grown in Texas, I’m currently holed up in a suburban city about 30 minutes outside Dallas (which I like to avoid unless food or the DWAZoo is involved). No zombies yet, but there is a neighborhood crime watch fearful of kids on their lawn and a tom cat that growls at me through my window at 3am.

Photo of myself with Newt, a miniature jack donkey; in the background are miniature donkeys in another pen
His name’s Newt.

Janepedia is a lifestyle blog, on which I use archaic diction and pop culture to share my story (and TMI, if I may add). I adhere to my blogging ethics, though it’s worth iterating that I am the type of person to so blog about something later. I share whatever is relevant to me in the moment and what I most feel like sharing. I started this endeavor because I loved writing, and it just made sense. I kept going because blogging has changed my life for the better and in ways I never thought possible.

In my free time, you can find me binging fiction, tending my garden, holding baby cousins, and/or gaming. Considering I thought Justin Bieber was a soft butch until the embarrassment was long had, don’t count on me being up-to-date with celebrity gossip. I’m always free to chat Arrowverse, the DreamWorks Dragons franchise, iZombieThe 100, and The L Word reboot.

Potterheads: Hufflepuff (Hogwarts), Thunderbird (Ilvermony), grass snake (patronus), acacia wood with a unicorn hair core 12ΒΌ” and Slightly Yielding flexibility (wand).


I contribute to Crunchy Family biweekly on Tuesdays (except for when I don’t). Sometimes I publish pieces on Medium @gotjane.