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Hello. 👋 I'm Jane!

She/her. Jane E. works if you best remember two-syllable names. I’m a 29-year-old living in Princeton, Texas — in a suburb Dexter Morgan would hate.

Selfie taken while laying down; hand facing palm-up over face

My living sitch is unorthodox — a two-story house with my cousin (Charlise), her seven kids, and her trucker husband (Brian) who comes home about once a month.

I work in retail and hate it, but I love who I work with. I’m considered an “essential worker”, and this pandemic puts a damper on my self-employment plans…and my dating life, which I was just getting into again before all this shit started. (But it’s not like I had any chill originally, so.)

Selfeet; candy corn-like pattern leggings, tennis shows, long blue jean top, black-and-white Madras flannel; on the ground are acorn pieces

I’m blunt and not afraid of airing my so-called “dirty laundry” on my blog — so you’ll find topics regarding autism, eating disorder recovery, child abuse and neglect, mental health, and reusable menstrual products around here.

I watch as much television as I read. I often forget to breathe, but I never forget to dance. 💃

"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer atop a zebra blanket on my lap

I’m distracted by masculine women, cats, synced choreography, books, flannel, and flip sequins.

Janepedia, a portmanteau of my name and encyclopedia, is the catch-all for my web dev projects and blog posts that fit not into my other channels.

Best place to start is with my greatest posts or diving into my latest post.