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Hello. 👋 I'm Jane!

I am a lesbian, and my nickname is Liz, so that makes me a Lizbian. 🌈🙃 My jokes and puns do not get any better.

Selfie taken while laying down; hand facing palm-up over face

My cousin, Charlise, wanted to move out of her mom’s place, and I wanted to move out of our grandmother’s — so we moved in together ’cause the economy sucks and I’m saving up for my own place, building credit, etc. She has seven kids, and her husband, Brian, is a trucker.

We live in Princeton, Texas, where all the lesbians are married…with children — not that it matters, anyway, since my super power is invisible lesbian being a femme and all. I’m out to my friends and, recently, to my family; it was never a secret, but I started putting it in their faces this year so as to deter comments about finding a man and having his babies. No thanks. Hard pass. 👌

Selfeet; candy corn-like pattern leggings, tennis shows, long blue jean top, black-and-white Madras flannel; on the ground are acorn pieces

I’m blunt and not afraid of airing my so-called “dirty laundry” on my blog — so you’ll find topics regarding autism, eating disorder recovery, child abuse and neglect, mental health, and reusable menstrual products around here.

My average reading rate is 43 books (median is 48) yearly. I watch as much television as I read. I often forget to breathe, but I never forget to dance. 💃

"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer atop a zebra blanket on my lap

I’m distracted by cute girls, cats, synced choreography, books, flannel, and flip sequins.

If you met me offline, you’d probably be disappointed that verbal communication is not my forte, my autism most definitely shows, and my countenance misrepresents my personality. You might also mistake me for 18 when I’m 29.

Selfie taken in passenger seat while wearing black-and-white striped shirt