Photo of me using a cow and a pair of red-and-white-spotted glasses props

Hi! I’m Jane. 👋

On a good day, my hair is frizzy, I don’t have to wear pants; the fridge is stocked with Bob Evan’s mashed potatoes, Pepsi and half a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream; the high is 70°F; and I didn’t lose my Blistex.

On ordinary days, I have to put on pants, my hair is still frizzy, I’m lucky if the fridge is stocked with one of those things, the low is 70°F, and I most definitely lost my Blistex again—and misplaced my phone somewhere in this house…on silent.

I live in North Texas, but the chionophile in me longs to be someplace where it’s colder. My two favorite places to have ever lived are San Antonio and Austin for the culture, community and general beauty of the cities.

I started blogging because writing is my passion, and it stuck. Most of what you read on this website was written after midnight, ’cause I’m nocturnal and do my best writing when morning larks are sleeping. The early bird may get the the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese—and I do love cheese!

When I’m not blogging, you can find me reading (books, manga, webcomics), binging television and film, hitting my tweet limit, laughing at something two weeks after the fact, and hogging the mint chocolate chip ice cream (is it really hogging if you’re the only one who eats it, though?).

Etymology of “Janepedia”

“Janepedia” is a portmanteau of “Jane” and “encyclopedia”. Portmanteaus are my Thing, and my friends and family often call them Lizisms or Janeisms.

Jane is the name I wish and plan to change my first/given name to.

Janepedia chronicles my life and the things in it, from food to life to green living, and whatever else I feel like writing about. Since I’m autistic, my posts greatly depend upon what my special interests are at a given time.