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Hello. 👋 I'm Jane!

I do lots of things. This blog is one of them. 👇

Selfie taken while laying down; hand facing palm-up over face

My age is a game, because you’d never guess that I’ll be 30 next March, and yet…

Currently, I live with my cousin, Charlise, in Princeton, Texas, which is really small and also really big?? with her 7 kids. The goal is to be out by the end of the year.

Selfeet; candy corn-like pattern leggings, tennis shows, long blue jean top, black-and-white Madras flannel; on the ground are acorn pieces
This photo is misleading, because it was taken in Ben Wheeler, where my maternal grandmother lives — not Collin County.

As this is a personal lifestyle (but also nicheless) blog, I post about many topics — including autism, eating disorder recovery, child abuse and neglect, mental health and reusable menstrual products.

I spend my time outside my hourly job blogging, adulting or chilling. Or I’m writing my book. I often forget to breathe, but I never forget to dance. 💃

"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer atop a zebra blanket on my lap

Janepedia, a portmanteau of my name and encyclopedia, is my personal/lifestyle/nicheless/primary blog, though you can find me elsewhere on the ‘net. I’ve been here awhile.

Best place to start is with my greatest posts or diving into my latest post.