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Hi, I'm Jane! 👋

I do lots of things. This blog is one of them.

Standing on a small, wooden bridge partially covered in leaves and pine needles

I’m many things: the gay cousin, tokophobic, a book dragon, a leggings-as-pants wearer, a blogger — but most of all, I’m Jane.

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a decade now. That saying about what you put online is true: It never goes away. Bright side is, I’ve learned to manage that whole airing-my-dirty-laundry-online thing, so it doesn’t bother me much anymore. 🤷‍♀️

Janepedia, a portmanteau of my chosen name and “encyclopedia”, is the catch-all for web dev projects that don’t fall conveniently into my other channels.

Mostly, there is little rhyme or reason to this blog of mine, in that it’s a take-it-or-leave-it situation. I blog about what I want, when I want to and how I want to — and it’s not always the same. What there is to know about me is in the posts, because I contain multitudes and am not a static webpage. Humans are dynamic, dude.

Silicone-shaped aqua-colored mushroom pendant necklace
Mushroom pendant necklace, or “chewelry”, from Stimtastico

If you ask me, life is like a box of Cards Against Humanity.

Possessing a baby face, or slowly aging, is only great if you don’t look like a 15-year-old who gets hit on by men who get upset to learn you’re almost double that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Infant in baby carrier on back of me

None of the kids pictured in any photos are mine. I’m tokophobic and keen to adopt, so having kids takes a bit more preparation for me and can’t happen as surprisingly as it often does for my child-bearing friends and family. But I pee a little when I laugh too much or sneeze too hard — so I’m a bit mommish, sans the kids. Takes a village, after all.

I live in Collin County with my cousin, Charlise, and her seven kids. She’s called me a baby whisperer multiple times. Her husband’s a trucker, so me living there is helpful. The two-year-old, Solara, calls me Mama. I wear the youngest, Iah, on my back on occasion as needed.

To the left of my desk is the window, because great lighting. There’s a small Pride flag in my pen holder and a metallic wooden BRAVE atop a wooden shelf. The desktop is white and probably messy as you’re reading this.

Selfeet; candy corn-like pattern leggings, tennis shows, long blue jean top, black-and-white Madras flannel; on the ground are acorn pieces

I do a lot of reading, writing, blogging, and streaming. I try to watch all the science fiction shows, but it doesn’t always happen because there is only so much time and attention I can devote to it. The books I most enjoy reading feature female characters with agency who pass the Bechdel test and/or those who are so not hetero.

I love playing board games, but I do play mobile games, too. Haven’t played video games in forev.

Although I am Hard of Hearing and occasionally nonverbal, the resources to help me communicate with my peers were not provided, thus I don’t know ASL. I wish I did, though, and do intend to learn it in my lifetime.

You’ve come to this page to get to know me, and to my blog to read me or something I’ve written.

Let’s get some things straight. I use a lot of bad puns and make most things gay.

Romantically, I’m looking for someone who understands my bibliophile addiction, loves cats, hates fad diets as much as I do, would take dance classes with me, is a woman, and would be up for wearing complementary outfits on occasion just because we can — basically someone with whom I can be in an annoying, gross coupledom with, at the same time each being our own people.

Letter board that says "Camp as a row of tents" atop a gay Pride flag

Platonically, this is an important thing to know about me: I’m a Sour Patch Kid. And I don’t like the hubbub of having to get to know new people, because new people seldom get my jokes and mistake my self-deprecation for low self-esteem (which I do not have, whatsoever).

But if you think you might fit into my life regardless, a great place to start is by actually reading my posts. Most of what you could ever hope to know about me, and then some. is there.