Hi, I’m Jane. 👋

I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now, so there’s a lot of history my blog covers; think of it as an ever-present coming-of-age journey, for better or worse.

Someone once told me I’m like a Sour Patch Kid and that some people find that endearing, but they weren’t one of those people. 🤷‍♀️ The only personality tests I care for are those that tell me that I’m a Hufflepuff/Thunderbird with a grass snake as my patronus and Unicorn Hair wand. My sense of humor runs dry and dark, and it’s not for everyone. Sweet, sappy stories tend to bore me. An introvert, I prefer reading books over attending parties. I’m hard-of-hearing, though I don’t yet know ASL; I often wonder about whether it’d simplify face-to-face conversations, however.

I consider myself a Jill-of-several-trades and master of many. Life’s too short to only do one thing for the entirety of it. My hobbies include binging fiction, coloring with crayons in children’s coloring books, cruising Pinterest, gardening, and learning Japanese 🇯🇵. I’m nocturnal 🦉. A classic favorite tea of mine is peppermint. ☕️

Currently, my days are spent recovering from an eating disorder one step at a time.

I believe environmental conservation is a) a spectrum and b) a lifestyle. Accessibility should not be omitted from activism and is necessary if any of us expect to see real change in this department. 💁‍♀️

Locally grown in Texas, I live in a suburban city circa 30 minutes outside Dallas. No sign of zombies, but there is a tom cat that growls at me through my window at 3am during warmer months.

Photo of myself with Newt, a miniature jack donkey; in the background are miniature donkeys in another pen
His name’s Newt, and this is me farther away from Dallas, on my grandmother’s old Combine farm.

Janepedia is a place about me, with a lil’ somethin’-somethin’ for you, too. Maybe. Sometimes it’s serious, but usually it’s about crying over television with a glass of Pepsi or mug of peppermint tea, drunken experiences, total “Jane” moments, laughing at myself, and DIY projects I don’t fail at.

OfBlue hosts this circus, while Georgie made this joint look like a sassy gem. 🔥💎