Book review policy

I accept review requests from a variety of genres, but I most prefer psychological thrillers, crime fiction of the abduction/murder variety, Amish fiction, dystopian themes, and science fiction/fantasy. I prefer characters to come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, genders and sexualities. I seldom read nonfiction. I have a weakness for dragons, fairies and mermaids.

Requests are currently closed. I am overwhelmed with author requests and need to catch up. Hope to be caught up by March 2018.

Photo of woman reading a small, red book

I am interested in new adult fiction and adult fiction; I am open to young adult fiction, but it’s a hard sell (less of one if it fulfills my aforesaid reading preferences). Comical nonfiction is the quickest way to my heart for nonfiction novels. Heterosexual romance is seldom sold to me as a non-straight person, so please don’t.

While I now aim to review every book I read, and will no longer rate books I do not finish1, not every review will be posted to my blog, but I will always review books on Goodreads.

Ratings system

I previously implemented additional rating notifications aside from generic stars—annoying/disappointing (😒), badass/cool/edgy (😎), hot/steaminess (🔥), nerdy (🤓), scary/thrilling (👻). I stopped, because it confused too many people.

I do not halve my book ratings. Moreover, I don’t believe books deserve crap ratings just because I disliked them…and whole reviews are easier for me.

Additionally, I try to explain my rating in-post, including what I’d have preferred/think could’ve made it better, but here is the gist:

5⭐ Amazing/great/etc. (rare)
4⭐ Great, but something’s missing/could be improved
3⭐ Borderline (starting point for all books)
2⭐ Not great
1⭐ Nope

I prefer not to post reviews rated below three stars on my blog, but am obligated to by some review programs and agreements. I still post them on Goodreads, Amazon for products purchased, but prefer to use a low rating review post for something else. 😌

Review requests and programs

I’m a member of three book review programs—Bethany House Blogger Review Program, Revell Reads, and Blogging for Books.

I am open to cold-email requests, but do not have the ability to read ebooks well at the moment and thus do not accept them. (In other words, I only accept print books.)

From the publisher/representative, I expect a high-quality cover image—minimum I need is 300 pixels’ width, height adequately proportionate; please no large files; I can’t open them in anything I have.


If you want my review to go up around a certain time, I’d rather receive the book at least two (2) months in advance. This way, I have enough time to read, write and schedule the review.


Book reviews are posted every Monday, which means my spots are limited. I’m not primarily a book blogger, so anymore than this wouldn’t make sense. I accept personal requests (e.g. direct emails to me from authors, PR peeps) year-round, but pitches and received books during Q3 or Q4 are scheduled for Q1. Fourth quarter content is mostly scheduled because I don’t spend a lot of time blogging. I post reviews to Goodreads year-round.

Special exceptions are made, however, at my own discretion.

Current queue

I’m a mood reader, which means I read multiple books throughout my reading process, but I decided to add a list here to give an idea of what my queue looks like requests-wise. I do read non-requested books, but such will not be listed here simply for efficiency purposes. I’m already rambling. Here goes:

  • “A Song Unheard” by Roseanne M. White (Bethany House)
  • “Revenants” by Scott Kaufman
  • “Long Black Veil” by Jennifer Finney Boylan (Blogging for Books)
  • “Why I Hate Green Beans: And Other Confessions about Relationships, Reality TV, and How We See Ourselves” by Lincee Ray (Revell)
  • “The Women in the Castle” by Jessica Shattuck (Goodreads giveaway)
  • “Hiding” by Jenny Morton Potts (en route)

List is based on books I have #ontheshelf, so if you sent me one but don’t see it listed, ’tis because I do not have it.

Request form

For efficiency purposes, this form asks everything I use to decide whether I might enjoy a book. I don’t like wasting time on books I mightn’t care for (and like to think such helps everyone else involved, too).

I decline requests more than I accept them because I only accept printed review copies—and because I don’t do this ish for the free books, meaning I’m not going to accept everything and purposely overwhelm myself with things I mayn’t even get to. (This is where I tell you it’s not you, but [most likely] me.)

Requests are currently closed unless they feature LGBTQ+ characters, mermaids and/or dragons. Gotta catch up somehow.

  1. I’m working to edit reviews of previous DNF books, as I used to think I had to rate them, so now that I’ve learned I don’t…