Book review policy

My requests are on hold indefinitely. I don’t want to be held responsible for this ish during my eating disorder recovery.

I accept review requests from a variety of genres, but I most prefer psychological thrillers, crime fiction of the abduction/murder variety, Amish fiction, dystopian themes, and science fiction/fantasy. I prefer characters to come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, genders and sexualities. I seldom read nonfiction.

Screenshot of Wotakoi anime; "The better the book is, the faster I read it."
© A-1 Pictures adaptation of Fujita’s Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

I am interested in new adult fiction and adult fiction; I am open to young adult fiction, but it’s a hard sell (less of one if it fulfills my aforesaid reading preferences). Comical nonfiction is the quickest way to my heart for nonfiction novels. Heterosexual romance is seldom sold to me as a non-straight person, so please don’t.

Most reviews are published to my blog, but I review every book on Goodreads. I do not post reviews to Amazon anymore, because I don’t shop there often enough to meet the monetary quota required for leaving a review on a regular basis.

How to get me to read your book (+ maybe review it on my blog)

  1. Read everything above this section! I wrote it specifically to deter anyone with hard sells so neither of us waste any time.
  2. Understand that I’m not primarily a book blogger. It’s just not all that I do.
  3. If you contact me and I say yes, all this exchange is is a) me reading your book and b) a chance for a review on my blog. By “chance”, I mean that I’m not interested in publicizing 1-star book reviews from author requests. I used to due to requirements, but would rather not if I’ve a choice.
  4. If you want me to market/advertise your book, beyond my basic review process, this is a sponsored feature. I’m skilled in what I do and am my own agency—not an amateur.
  5. Don’t send me stuff I don’t care about—a link to Goodreads with the blurb, publisher company, published date, genre(s), etc. suffices. Don’t attach press releases, ’cause I won’t read ’em. The best way to avoid this is to use my form, whether as a guideline or method of contact.
  6. All I care about is that you, self-published or not, hold yourself professionally and treat me with kindness and respect. Read a few of my previous book reviews to make sure my review style aligns with your wants (sorry I don’t have a proper archive yet). I am less likely to trust requests from authors who have no website/social media presence. I don’t trust Amazon seller profiles due to a previous experience.
  7. If you’ve got a hard sell and can find two to three reviews of at least 3 stars that make you think I am the right reviewer for your book, then send those links along.
  8. I accept a limited number of requests, but you can still pitch me if you meet this list of mine even when my queue is full.

How my schedule works

Book reviews are posted on Mondays. I’m currently booked until late 2019. I schedule my book reviews ~a quarter in advance so I avoid running out and inconsistency.

If you want expedited scheduling and/or a specific date reserved in fourth quarter, this is sponsored post territory.

I’m not currently accepting requests due to a full queue and health purposes. I’m a late-20-something who needs to adult and was smacked by responsibilities to her health this year.