Book review policy

My requests are currently on hold. I was sick and am experiencing a reading slump.

I accept review requests from a variety of genres, but I most prefer psychological thrillers, crime fiction of the abduction/murder variety, Amish fiction, dystopian themes, and science fiction/fantasy. I prefer characters to come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, genders and sexualities. I seldom read nonfiction.

Photo of woman reading a small, red book

I am interested in new adult fiction and adult fiction; I am open to young adult fiction, but it’s a hard sell (less of one if it fulfills my aforesaid reading preferences). Comical nonfiction is the quickest way to my heart for nonfiction novels. Heterosexual romance is seldom sold to me as a non-straight person, so please don’t.

Most reviews are published to my blog, but I review every book on Goodreads.

Review requests and programs

I’m a member of three book review programs—Bethany House Blogger Review Program, Revell Reads, and Blogging for Books.

I am open to cold-email requests, but do not have the ability to read ebooks well at the moment and thus do not accept them. (In other words, I only accept print books.)

The gist

  • I’m a mood reader.
  • I prefer to receive the book at least two (2) months in advance if I am to publish a review by a certain time.
    • Q4 is prime real estate for marketers, thus requests for book reviews to be published during this time will be met with an advertorial fee.
    • Speaking of fees, I will accept a fee in exchange for an expedited book review. Otherwise, may the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Book reviews are posted every Monday unless I don’t have one to publish.
    • I will email/submit a link with info regarding the date it has been scheduled for publishing.
  • For books, I accept book reviews and giveaways.
  • For any other promotional service, I recommend contacting me for my services. I work with companies and small businesses.

Current queue

  • “Hiding” by Jenny Morton Potts
  • “The Women in the Castle” by Jessica Shattuck (Goodreads giveaway)
  • “Revenants” by Scott Kaufman
  • “The Heart’s Invisible Furies” by John Boyne

List is based on books I have #ontheshelf, so if you sent me one but don’t see it listed, ’tis because I do not have it. Non-requested books are not listed here simply for efficiency purposes.

Request form

If you’re read this far, I surmise I’ve not turned you completely off yet…or you skipped down. I only accept printed review copies.

To avoid loss and because it’s cleaner, I use an external form that asks everything I use to decide whether I might enjoy a book.

I’m finally recovering after being sick for 3 weeks, so my queue is rather backed up.

You can find it here.