Frequently asked questions

Due to an influx of similar questions, this page exists.


What are your other web projects/domains?

I host non-blog projects on What is linked on the homepage are my public projects. Aside from and, the only other domain name I actively use is

Additionally, I help my cousin Charlise with her blog on an as-needed basis (which is most of the time, but I’m trying to give it space as of September 2017).

Nah. It’s not a link exchange.

Do you have any blogging advice?

Find my blogging tips in the corresponding category. You can also ask me a Q about this topic at any point, and I will try to answer it in a future post!

What is your guest post process?/I want to buy links.

I sometimes feature and link to other bloggers and peeps, but I wish to remain the sole contributor of my blog for now. The only time this may change is if I have a column for the occasional post from a significant other, which I don’t have…

Moreover, I don’t play that blackhat link-buying game, so those emails will be ignored.

What does your blog schedule look like?

I don’t maintain a specific one, but here is my general guideline:

  • Mondays: Book reviews/a books- or writing-related post
  • Thursdays: I try to focus on others, whether by featuring someone else or by publishing blog tips
  • Sundays: No posts on Sundays.
  • First day of new month: Slice of (monthly recap)

Content is subject to change based on seasonal demand and my personal preferences.

How do you pick what books to review?

Related: Book review policy

My tastes vary, and I’m a mood reader, so I tend to go for whatever sounds interesting at the time. If a book seems to fit my favorites (e.g. dragons, fairies, mermaids, LGBTQ+ characters (potential emphasis on lesbian/ace characters), dystopia, etc.), I’m more likely to jump on it ASAP. I’m not against erotic fiction, I’m just not super into reading heterotic (#janeism) fiction, because it’s weird and makes me feel uncomfortable. I also like to laugh. It’s one of the major things that helps relieve my depression.

Why didn’t you respond to my email?

I am not keen to respond in the following circumstances:

  • requests to guest post, link exchange, etc.
  • emails not using my name (my name is literally IN my blog name…)
  • emails sent to my personal email when I don’t remember having given it to the sender
  • sender is someone I have requested not email me, but continues to harass in attempt to provoke me (and thus flat-out wastes my time)

If I’ve not responded to you and none of these circumstances fit, please resend the email.

Why is your RSS feed truncated/summarized? Why doesn’t it show the full post?

  1. Content scrapers
  2. I use affiliate links, which cannot always be in emails. Likewise, Amazon Associates links are forbidden in emails, and I’m not interested in activating a plugin just for that, especially since it removes the entire link (so if I used anchor text that wasn’t the name of a product, it’d be removed) and would cause personal aesthetic issues and preferences.
  3. RSS subscribers cannot be tracked. RSS readers, like Feedly, add in their own URL parameters, which also don’t track the same. I conduct case studies on my blog. Until I have a way of better tracking data, I’ll reconsider.

I do my best to ensure my site loads quickly, and my web designer calls it “mobile-first design”.