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actually sick

So, Friday, I came home from school during “A” lunch with a fever of 100F and a red, itchy, swolen throat. I couldn’t swallow, but I was hungry, so I decided to have some brand of a lemon-lime soda drink, microwaved TV dinner macaroni and cheese, and baked sour cream and onion potato chips. I had to eat the macaroni and cheese one at a time, drink the soda slowly, and surprisingly, I could almost eat the chips normally. Everything I eat, I choke on. It feels as if I don’t have any energy at all, I am exhausted, and MY THROAT still hurts. :/ Ugh. And, for some reason my mind keeps telling me to type out “thorat” instead of “throat” which is annoying me like crazy.

I hate being sick. I feel like I’m so freaking WEAK and I can’t do anything! And the meds I take make me feel weighed down and dream the craziest of dreams. Hmm, I might go back to sleep. Foxy’s asleep on my blanket; I’m not going to move her. I took some DayQuil earlier. It didn’t really help at all. >.< Thanks, MiChi.


I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning. Yeah. I heard sirens and a plane. Oh, but my nightmare woke me up. UGH.

I really think I’m losing it.

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