Another ‘me facts’ post

  1. I can eat a whole pizza by myself. Actually, I prefer it. Mm, pizza!
  2. I tend to feel the most productive when I can’t actually be productive.
  3. I haven’t taken a self photo in over a year simply because I’m neither comfortable nor happy in my own skin. This post was started three months ago… #11 is the start of today.
  4. Growing up, green was my favorite color in the entire world — lime green, but mostly just green.
  5. My favorite soft drink is Pepsi Next, but it isn’t sold in many stores here in the city.
  6. I actually dreamt of being a food blogger. I’m tempted to make 6birds a movie review- and food-themed blog, but I don’t want to lose the personal touch. I started this post 3 months ago/before What Liz Eats came into the picture.
  7. I despise change.
  8. While I’d love to travel to other places, I’ve never been on a plane before and am actually terrified to.
  9. I like Tuesdays and Saturdays for unknown reasons.
  10. I’m a fan of gardening.
  11. Over time, I’ve grown annoyed with bananas. They don’t have that same fresh feeling as apples and oranges do, and they’re used in practically everything.
  12. I really like Pocky.
  13. People act like it’s really difficult and life-changing to have to deal with allergy symptoms year ’round, but I’ve dealt with a stuffy/runny nose and a cough all year for my entire life, and it would be would if I went a day without any of those things. It’s normal to me.
  14. 99% of my annoyances are either mental health-related or allergy-related.
  15. No matter how confident I am with something on the outside, I’m still freaking out on the inside.
  16. I like routine. I make routine work for me, and I dislike it when people try to change it.

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Kya’s gravatar

Green was always my favourite colour as well. Then, one day I was looking out the car window at the blue sky and just really thought about how beautiful the colour was/is and now it is still my favourite colour. xD

Agent Q’s gravatar

Yes on #15. Definitely. I don’t know why that’s the case, but it’s always bothered me. Like, if I’m confident, shouldn’t I NOT freak out because of my perceived competence? Sometimes I question my confidence and judgement because of that. :/ And this is why whenever there’s a challenge I over come, I always think in terms of “if” as in “if I do well” or “assuming I don’t fail,” as if I must state that disclaimer to ward off the risk of failure. >.<

Soph’s gravatar

I read up on Pepsi Next because you mentioned it. I’d never heard of it. I’m a big Pepsi Max drinker. And I looked that up as well and discovered why I think I like it. I love caffeine (chocolate, tea, coke, etc) and apparently PMax has double the amount of caffeine that Diet Pepsi has. Weird. I’m slightly concerned, but I love it too much to be really concerned. Ahah! I feel you may have very acquired, sophisticated Pepsi tastes, my friend. We should consult 😉

Christine’s gravatar

Pocky is so yummy! I got it forever ago in San Francisco and fell in love with the stuff. I’m a fan of Strawberry. #15 for me as well. Confidence is a challenge for me sometimes.

Holly’s gravatar

I am the same with pizza. I end up eating a whole one because my boyfriend is a vegetarian so I order a meat feast and he can’t have any.

You shouldn’t be afraid of flying. I mean, I fly every year, sometimes more than once, and I even I still get nervous. But it opens so many doors and opportunities. As much as a I hate it I know that there’s something good at the end.

Leanne’s gravatar

it’s funny when you’re young you can only manage a few slices of pizza, now finishing we can finish one whole one without any hesitation.
i’m not sure if i’ve seen pepsi next here in melbourne, but i’m a coke girl.
i’m not a big fan of change either, i struggle with it in the first few days but once i get into the swing of things, it’s okay.