I operate my blog on the idea that I own everything that happened to me. If people wanted me to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.

The older you go in this joint, you’re bound to run into embarrassing posts and textual errors. Case in point: The random question marks (?) used to be emojis. I’ve written a thousand posts; technological errors and typos had to happen eventually.

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Regular post features

  • Book reviews are published on Mondays ’cause I read, and I might as well benefit from it.
  • Jane Lately: Your occasional dish on the juiciest deets in my life. Most of this stuff starts here first. Probably.
  • Jane vs.: a science-focused series to aid in my journey to study the subject…and because I watched Bill Nye Saves the World and had some thoughts.
  • Slice of Jane: Monthly recaps of WTF I did the previous month. Grab a slice, ’cause there’s plenty to go around.

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