Reading challenges

Hello! On this page contains the reading challenges I’m participating in this year (or attempting at least).

Life hit me hard this year, so none of these challenges will be completed, probably. Anorexia recovery is currently kicking my ass.

Photo of books ("Revenants: The Odyssey Home", "A Song Unheard", "Why I Hate Green Beans", "Keeping You a Secret", "Long Black Veil" atop each other, with a black cat mug on top of them; an aloe vera plant in a turquoise pot is to the side of them.



I may also participate in BEDA this year.

Books I read this year will be repeated across these lists, but used only once per list. Likewise, some reviews will be published here on my blog, while others will be at Goodreads.

Book titles not linked are pending.

365 Commenting Challenge (ReadWriteLove28)

The 365 Commenting Challenge isn’t a reading challenge, but if you’re interested in tracking my progress, view my Google Sheet. I’m not participating for the numbers, but to get myself out there and meet some new peeps.

36/365 blogs

The challenge comes down to about 30 blogs per month. Progress bar is updated monthly whenever.

Book Blog Discussion Challenge (Feed Your Fiction Addiction)

Since I’m not predominantly a book blogger, I imagine a lot of the discussion-centered posts I publish could qualify for this, but since I’m really not sure regardless and this is my first year, I’ll be limiting what I list under this challenge to posts pertaining to bookish stuff. My discussion posts will greatly be influenced by FYFA’s list of suggestions.


Dread & Read Challenge (Hotchpot Cafe)


  • In the Red
  • Becoming Marie Antoinette (#1)
  • Another Woman’s Daughter
  • The Host
  • The Wave

Historical Fiction Challenge (Passages to the Past)


  1. Many Sparrows
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. A Song Unheard
  4. A Most Noble Heir
  5. 1984
  6. The Women in the Castle

Jane’s Reading Challenge (mine, yo)

I like prompts, ’cause they feel a bit like scavenger hunts, but for books. If there was such a thing for movies and TV shows, I’d be on that quicker than you can pee. However, I couldn’t find any challenges I especially favored, so I made up my own prompts.


A book…

  1. featuring LGBT+ characters
  2. with a major theme/subject I don’t understand going in
  3. I’ve been meaning to read
  4. told in perspective from a villain (partially or fully) (Coldwater)
  5. I can finish in a day (minimum 100 pages) (Keeping You a Secret)
  6. I bought last year
  7. previously read
  8. from a genre I wanted to read more of this year.

New Release Challenge ((un)Conventional Bookviews)


  1. Coldwater
  2. Why I Hate Green Beans
  3. Long Black Veil
  4. A Song Unheard
  5. A Most Noble Heir
  6. The Women in the Castle

Reading Challenge Addicts

This one is self-explanatory.


Strictly Print Challenge (Book Dragon’s Lair)


  1. Coldwater
  2. Keeping You a Secret
  3. Why I Hate Green Beans
  4. Long Black Veil
  5. A Song Unheard
  6. A Most Noble Heir
  7. 1984
  8. Revenants
  9. Little & Lion
  10. The Women in the Castle
  11. Hiding

What’s in a Name 2018 (The Worm Hole)


  • “The” used twice (The Women in the Castle)
  • A fruit or vegetable (Why I Hate Green Beans)
  • A shape
  • Beginning with Z, though can be followed by “A” or “The”
  • A nationality
  • A season