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Are you 21? Do you drink?

Have you ever been turned down for a job because you couldn’t participate in something the employees all did? Or maybe you couldn’t work there because you couldn’t participate in the company parties, get togethers, etc.

It’s really sucky when you get turned down for a job because of your age.

Of course, this pretty much prevents you from participating in almost everything they do – parties, get togethers, company events, etc. – if they only hire who are twenty-one and above. They drink, and they promote drinking to their employees (obviously). Of course, this prevents them from getting anyone who doesn’t drink. A friend of mine tried to get the job, and she doesn’t drink in public at all. She’s wanting to wait until she can try it and drink responsibly. According to her, the first thing this company asked her was her age. Twenty-two. The second question was whether she drank, and if so, then how much. She told them she doesn’t drink in public. They didn’t hire her.

You know what’s bad? This was a clothing store. Just your average clothing store. It was Bealls.

Am I the only one who feels like something isn’t adding up here?

Sorry for the bad quality! I saved it in .jpg.