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I decided to be nice and post the contest information today. I am at my mom’s house, and people are still here from the party. My cousin Shane irritated me so I decided to come here, and my mom let me get online. My great grandmother, “Mama Lois”, snapped at me today. I made her mad. 🙁 I am usually good with having patience and such with her but this week has been so tough, and it was only the second time I really blew up, so I have done well. I will be here until my cousin and my aunt leave. xD

One of my best guy friends figured out the password to my account. :/ He changed my background and profile icon. >:| I kind of like the background, though. And he got the icon from my image. I am going to try out the background for a while.

My mom’s dog, Jackson, is freaking out because he is locked in here in [my mom’s] room with me instead of chilling with everyone else in the other parts of the house.

Oh yeah, my grandmother (Mama Lois’s daughter; “Mimi”) is out with some friends at a cafe eating dinner. So my great grandmother is alone at the house next door (my mom lives on my grandmother’s property). It’s dark outside. Mimi said that she should be okay, and I told her that I would go over there sometime later after I am finished with “writing”. LOL

I was thinking about switching to WordPress, but it seems to be more difficult than it is worth, so I think that I will stick to using FanUpdate.

Well, I suppose that I have said everything I need to say. I am kind of tired. 🙁 Urgh.

I feel like my great grandmother pays me not because I wait on her hand and foot instead of her going to a nursing home, but so that I WILL do anything and everything she asks me to and so that she can talk to me however she wants. I know she is 96 but she could be nicer. I try my hardest to make and keep her happy. ;| Every now and then she will tell me that she appreciates me, but it’s very rarely that I feel it. :’(